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God and Boobs Book Review

Our mission at Haute31 is “For every woman to discover her tailored capacity to do life well.”  We champion resources that will help our reader grow as a whole person – body, soul, and spirit.  I’m thrilled to share my recent Haute Find with you: Angie Schuler Wyatt’s latest book, God and Boobs.  The title catches your attention, but the book is a brilliant, must-read resource for all women – especially those who are curious about growing in faith.   I found God and Boobs to be like an engaging, enlightening conversation with a girlfriend and a counselor wrapped in one.  Angie invites her readers into the journey of discovering the Divine connection between spirituality and femininity. 

Angie Schuller Wyatt grew up in one of the world’s most famous religious dynasties.  She is the eldest grandchild of the Crystal Cathedral’s Dr. Robert H. Schuller.  Reared in the shadows of powerful men, she struggled to define her own faith and femininity.  Angie pairs her personal experiences with the stories of women she has counseled over the years. The result is a provocative look at what it really means to have faith and femininity in today’s modern world.

“Modern women bring the full weight of who they are to the world as individual people.  We are creative, intellectual, talented and autonomous humans.  We are born with the ability to think, build, design, strengthen, and pursue. We are also borth with the ability to connect with others, with self, and with God. We are created for a purpose, and to limit our full human capacity is to show contempt for our nature. Women are created female, in the image of God, which is our fully human experience.” – (from chapter, titled Intuition)

God and Boobs is available for purchase online in both paperback and ebook versions.  You can follow Angie Schuller Wyatt on her website, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.  We are excited to feature Angie in an interview later this month.  Stay tuned!  In the meantime, go out and buy Angie’s book!


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