Healthy Recipe Round Up

As I sit down to write this, I am snacking away at celery and natural peanut butter.  If you’re like me and have resolved to eat healthier, I have some encouragement for you: Keep it up!!!  You can do this!!!

Between you and me, let’s keep it real.  Sometimes it is hard to eat healthy.  Between pricey, exotic ingredients and lack of prep time, there will always be obstacles on the road to health.  But if you’re determined to conquer those roadblocks, I have got some great recipes for you today.

Here is a round up of some healthy recipes to keep your health and fitness goals on track in 2013!

Heart Healthy Fish {with Orange-Avocado Salsa} | JosieLee | The photo says it all!

Heart Healthy Fish - part of a healthy food round up by Haute|31

Skinny Pear Crisp | Amanda’s Apron | I made this for the week, but my husband ate it in a day.

Skinny Pear Crisp Recipe Perfect for healthy eating | Healthy food round up by Haute|31

Moroccan Carrot-Blood Orange Salad | NY Times | I just made this last week and fell in love with the flavors!

Moroccan Carrot-Blood Orange Salad - part of a healthy food round up by Haute|31

Mushroom, Leek, & Barley Side Dish | Cook the Story | My friend, Christine, is on a journey to healthier eating, too.

Mushroom Leek Barley - part of a healthy food round up by Haute|31

Vegan PB & J Energy Bars | Nutritionist in the Kitch | I also made these last week.  These are surprisingly sweet even though no sugar is added.  I love them!

Vegan PB & J Energy Bars - part of a healthy food round up by Haute|31

Mashed Protein Potatoes | Amanda’s Apron | I made these on accident.  The most delicious accident ever.

Healthy Protein Mashed Potato Recipe | Amanda's Apron

Chipotle Turkey & Black Bean Soup | Katie’s Cucina | Katie does it again! These look so delicious!

Chipotle Turkey and Black Bean Soup - part of a healthy food round up by Haute|31

Chocolate Banana Nips | The Nutrition Twins | This is my new healthy “candy.”

reeses-peanut-butter-cups-healthy-makeover part of a healthy food round up by Haute|31

Raw Tacos | The Taste Space | Don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it.  These raw goodies are actually delicious!  You don’t even miss the meat.

Raw Tacos - part of a healthy food round up by Haute|31

Mango Strawberry Pomegranate Pops | Amanda’s Apron | Perfect sweet treat with no fake sugar in it.

Mango-Strawberry-Pomegranate-Popsicle-Recipe-Amandas-Apron - part of a healthy eating round up by Haute|31

‘Clean Eating’ Fried Rice | Nutritionist in the Kitch | Say buh bye to MSG.

Clean Eating Fried Rice -- part of a healthy food roundup by Haute|31

Red Pepper Mango Israeli Couscous with Shrimp Kebabs | Katie’s Cucina | This might be my new favorite way to have shrimp!

Red-Pepper-Mango-Israeli-Couscous-with-Shrimp-Kebabs - part of a healthy eating round up by Haute|31If you’d like to be further inspired with some healthy dishes, check out the Fall Salad Round Up I did a few months ago.  Happy, healthy eating!!!



  1. Thanks for sharing a few of my recipes with your readers! Everything looks wonderful!

    • @twitter-133697600:disqus @twitter-219354895:disqus @twitter-490969397:disqus @janetthetastespace:disqus You’re welcome, ladies! Your recipes are wonderful and we just had to share them!!!

  2. Wow, Amanda! This round up is amazing. So many delicious things to try. Thank you for including me!

  3. Thanks for including a couple of my recipes in your round up!! :) (Nutritionist in the Kitch)

  4. What a delicious round-up. Thank you for including my raw tacos. :-)

  5. Sandy_Haute31 says:

    These recipes look so delish! I can’t wait to make the Chocolate Banana Nips


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