Downton Abbey Inspired Vintage Glam Hair Tutorial

downton hair trio
Downton Abbey is one of my favorite shows!  I was hooked right after watching the first two episodes of Season 1.  One of the many reasons I watch this show is the hair, makeup, and fashion sported from the women of Downton Abbey.  I’m excited to share this hair tutorial which is a highly inspired modern take on this phenomenal show.  Each style features DIY Downton Inspired Vintage Glam Hair Accessories both Hanna and I created ourselves.  I was fortunate enough to work with three lovely ladies who naturally have curly, wavy hair.  If you do not have curly hair, I encourage you to at least curl your hair with a curling iron or flat iron, lightly spraying each layer of hair curled with a medium hold hairspray of your choice.  I used Kenra Volumizing Hair Spray 25.
Great hairstyle for all you hat lovers!  Hanna looks lovely in this hat we beautified with our Feather Pendant Brooch.
side ribbon braid tutorial
1. Take the hair toward the side, and divide the hair in three sections to prepare for braiding.
2. Tie the ribbon in the middle section before you start your braid.
3. Continue loosely braiding the hair to show off the curly hair.
4. Once you’ve completed the braid, wrap the excess ribbon around, and create a knot to secure the braid.
5. Cut remaining excess ribbon.
silverleaf pendant headband model Kristen has short length hair.  I created an updo look by twisting the lower half her hair up to create the illusion of an updo. Remember to hairspray when necessary.Silver Leaf Textured Updo Tutorial
1. Place Silver Leaf Pendant Headband in desired position.

2. Using your hand, spread your fingers wide, and tease the hair all over to create more texture in the hair.  It may look crazy at first, but I promise it look amazing if you go slowly and gently.

3. Start on the left side of head.  Take triangle section of hair in front of ear and twist.  Place hair toward the back of hair heading towards the center of the head, and secure with bobby pin.  Cris-cross with another bobby pin for added security.

4. Continue 1 inch triangle sections of hair, twisting, and pinning until you reach the center area in the back.  Make sure you are only twisting the hair from middle of head below the crown, and down.

5. Once you’ve reached the right side of the head you will notice the remaining hair from the crown.  You can take section by section twisting the hair toward the center going to your left.  Until you achieve your desired look.  I left hair loose on the right side to create some softness, and a bit of an assymetrical look.

goldleafpendant model 1

This is an extremely easy braided updo that looks like you took a long time to do.  Sheena has beautiful, longer curly hair which had the perfect texture for this style.  I made a French braid on the opposite side of her part.  The key to remember is to begin braiding lower and braid not too tightly.

Gold Leaf Braided Bun tutorial

1. Start French braiding the hair on the left side, beginning the braiding lower to create a loose look.
2. Continue French braiding around the head ending a little past the center.  Secure the end of the braid with a bobby pin and set to the side.
3. Section off any tendrels you’d like in the front, and begin doing a French braid on the remaining hair on right, and secure braid with a bobby pin.
4. Twist the right braid into the head, securing with bobby pins on the lower right side of the head.  This begins the lower side bun look.
5. Take a left braided tail and wrap over the the previous braided bun.
6. Secure any loose hair with bobby pins and spray fly aways with the hairspray.  Place gold leaf pendant in hair.




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