DIY Downton Inspired Vintage Glam Hair Accessories

Downton inspired hair accessories tutorial from Haute31

Hanna and I had fun making these beautiful accessories this week!  I absolutely adore the tiaras and clips the ladies of Downton Abbey wear on each episode.  We took a quick trip Joann Fabric and Michaels to get our necessary supplies to make our very own Vintage Glam hair accessories.

Check out these three Vintage Glam accessories that you can make yourself! 

NOTE: You will need some small pliers and a pair of scissors in addition to the items listed for this project


Feather Pendant Brooch

This project was in efforts to beautify a vintage hat Hanna found laying in her house.  This brooch easily be made and worn on a hat, pin on a jacket or top, or even bobby pinned in your hair!

feather pendant brooch hat

Here are the instructions:

feather pendant brooch tutorial

1. Remove ring off pendant.

2. Cut felt to fit the size of the back of pendant and adhere with a glue gun.

3. Take bar pin and glue onto back of pendant.

4. Glue one pair of feather earrings cris-crossed together.

5. Glue other pair of feather earrings in the same manner.

6. Glue each pair together making sure they are cris-crossed to created a full feathered look.

7. Adhere the feathered portion to the back of pendant close to the bar pin.

8. Pin feather pendant brooch onto hat or item of choice.

Silver Leaf Pendant Headband

This vintage glam headband is a personal favorite of mine. I wanted the look of the tiara, but not the cost. So this was the perfect DIY project!

silver leaf pendant headband items needed

Here are the instructions:

Silver Leaf Pendant collage

1. Remove ring off pendant.

2. Cut felt to fit the size of the back of pendant and adhere with a glue gun.

3. Adhere silver leaf embellish onto headband, first placing the glue onto the headband and then laying the embellish over it.  Press firmly until glue has adhered.

4. Glue pendant on the bottom tip of the silver leaf embellish.  Wait for glue to adhere.

5. Place on head and style hair as desired.


Gold Leaf Pendant Clip

This pendant is gorgeous! So we had to make a fabulous hair accessory! And it’s the simplest of them all!  This pendant clip is a perfect addition for any formal event, or Downton Abbey viewing party!

Gold Leaf Pendant clip

Here are the instructions:

Gold Leaf Pendant clip collage

1. Remove the ring off of pendant.

2. Cut a piece of felt according the length and width of the flat part of the hair clip, and glue onto the back of pendant.

3. Glue flat part of hair clip to back of pendant, on the felt.  Press firmly and wait for glue to adhere.

4. Place pendant clip in hair after hair has been styled.

Hope you enjoy these DIY Vintage Glam Hair Accessories.  Check out the tutorial for the Downton Inspired Vintage Glam Hairstyles seen on this post.




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