Thoughtful Thursday – Refresh Your Life in 2013

A Letter from the Editor

RefreshThis month, our theme is Refresh.  Bugs get caught, distractions happen, and things can get stuck.  We are all thankful for the “refresh” button at the top of our web browser.  It is a do-over, a make-over, and a fresh start.  We are embracing January as a new beginning and looking to refresh areas of our lives that have not been given the proper attention they deserve.  

Earlier this week, the Haute|31 ladies shared their New Year’s Resolutions.  Many of them include fitness goals, wellness aspirations, and business ventures.  Living to achieve these goals is being an Haute|31 woman.  It is living the elevated life.

We invite you to join us.  What areas in your life need to be refreshed or renewed?  What needs to be healed?  What will you finally commit to give attention to that has not had the proper attention in the past?  My mother in love just told me this week that she is deciding this year to give herself as much care as she gives to others.  She does so much for other people, that this is a big, yet healthy goal for her to have.  As women we often can set ourselves aside for the sake of our spouse, children, friends, or colleagues.  Let this be the year you are well taken care of so you are more efficiently able to care for others.

Be on the look out each Tuesday in January for a post from our ladies about what “Refresh” looks like in their lives!

Live by Design,



  1. I love your mom’s resolution! We can’t truly be great for others if we aren’t great to our own selves.


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