DIY Candle Upgrade

Candles on tables are traditional.  Candles in decorative hurricane vases are cute.  Candles surrounded by rocks, beans, or seeds has become a recent thrifty trend.  I’ve got a new trend to introduce to you: Candle Upgrading.  This may be the quickest, easiest DIY project you tackle this fall, but it will make a huge impact in your house decor.  I bet you could do this in 5 minutes or less.

You can use whatever material best compliments your decor style and a glue gun to hold it all in place.  For my fall table decor, I bought these two Better Home & Gardens pillar candles to complement the colors of my home’s fall decor. I also grabbed some burlap since that was part of my fall decor theme as well.

DIY Candle Upgrade for fall decor from Haute|31

DIY Candle Upgrade Supplies



berry garland

glue gun

How to upgrade your candle decor by Haute|31

Cut the burlap to desired width, ensuring the length will fully wrap around the candle, and glue to the end pieces so the burlap is snugly around the candle.

Burlap around candles Haute|31

Keep in mind the burlap will fray if you cut the seam off.  This can be controlled by dabbing a little hot glue along each of the end pieces. I decided not to do this, since I wanted a slightly disheveled look.  Next, I wrapped the garland around the candles and twisted them together so they would not fall off.  Again, if you want it completely secure, you could add a little hot glue to keep the garland snug on the burlap.

Easy DIY Candle decor by Haute|31

And that’s it!  Enjoy your new chic candles and take pride in the fact that you did it yourself!

Outdoorsy meets modern at Haute|31


  1. Inspire Me Heather says:

    Lovely candles! I’m doing a lot of burlap this year in my Holiday decorating so I just have to find some chunky candles like yours then I can make some too! I’ve got your post here linked to my candles DIY on my blog too today!

  2. Ruth Denton says:

    I really like the rustic look of burlap, the garland adds a bit of softness to the over all look too. I am always on the look out for inspiring ways to decorate simply with candles. Thanks for a great idea.


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